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BeeRotor 5.8GHz Mushroom Antenna


This is All-in-one 5.8G Cloud Spirit Antennas, TX&RX integrated in one Antennas, so the player needn't distinguish RX and TX,

Product: BeeRotor Cloud Spirit Antennas

Frequency Range: 5800MHz

nput Impedance: 50Ω


Polarization: Omnibearing

Maxlmum input power: 10W

Gain: 4-4.5dB

Mechanical Index:

Length: 50mm

Outside diameter: Φ4.2±0.05mm

Wire: RG141 Red

Material: ABS

Connector: RP-SMA / SMA

Weight: 11g

1 x Antenna

Fabrikat: RC
  • RP-SMA
  • SMA