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FPV 2204 2400KV


1. The magnet specification is 42 uh.
2. The bearing is NMB(Japan) , it can support a long life.
3. 0.20mm laminations, maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses.
4. Ultra-flexible motor leads with high-temp 220 °silicone rubber.
5. With rotor dynamic balance process.
6. 5.0mm outside shaft for prop.
7. 5.0mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut

Stator Diameter: 22 mm
Stator Thickness: 4 mm
Number of Stator Slots: 12
Number of Magnet Poles: 14
Motor Kv Value: 2400 RPM
No Load Current (Io) 0.5 Amps @ 10 Volts: 0.5 Amps
Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase: 0.13 Ohms
Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase: 0.09 Ohms
Maximum Continuous Current: 19 Amps
Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po): 230 Watts
Max Continuous Power (4-cell Li-Po): 300 Watts
Motor Weight: 23.5 g
Outside Diameter: 27.7 mm
Motor Shaft Diameter: 3 mm
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5 mm
Motor Body Length: 20 mm
Overall Shaft Length: 33.5 mm
Motor Timing: 5-10 degrees
PWM Frequency: 8-20 KHz

Package included:

1 pcs FR2204 motor
2 pcs 5.0mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut
4 pcs M3*6mm YFS screws

Fabrikat: RC
Artnr: Bild: Benämning: Lager: Pris: Antal:
FPV-2204-2400KV I lager
159,00 kr

FPV-2204-2400KV-4 I lager
619,00 kr