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Kolfiberstrumpa 170 mm 162,9 g/m





Fiber:Toray T300J 800 tex (12k)

Kolfiberstrumpa dia 170 mm 

Diameter: 30-200 mm 
Tjocklek: 0,43 mm 
Tekniska data vid 45 ° fläta vinkel: 
Diameter: 156 mm 
Bredd platt: 245 mm 
Vikt: 162,9g / m 
OBS ! Strumpan mäts vid utsträckt tillstånd.
Use plenty of release spray on core material (slide coating) and allow to dry. Pass hose over material and pull both ends for proper fit – fit under tension if necessary, Apply resin with a brush. The area to be processed can be warmed using a hairdryer if required. This will liquify the resin and impregnate the fibre quickly and safely. (Do not forget resin fumes – ensure that the room is well aired or wear a protective mask.) The core is gripped following hardening and the pipe removed. Small size components may be pre-frozen. In this way it is easier to remove the shrunken metal core.
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